Making Moves: How I Came to Kingston

Like many current Kingston residents, I moved to Kingston as a Queen's student, here for one year to do my Masters of Economics - and like many of the current residents, I instantly fell in love with the city. I lived downtown on Bay Street with a couple friends and walked everywhere. During my frequent jaunts, I was struck by the character of the city. Kingston has all the friendly appeal of a small town and all the ecumenical attractions of a metropolis. As a guy from Toronto, this combination was irresistible.

My love for Kingston was cemented during the first summer I spent here. This city has everything; great people, a rich history, unparalleled culture and seemingly endless opportunities for growth and fulfillment of every kind.  Since the first summer I spent in Kingston, a lot has changed. I met my wife, Shyla, the very first weekend in the city and married her three years later. I also continued my studies here, which extended my stay another five years – by then, it had already become home.  

Today, the mesmerizing power and appeal of this great city as made it feel as much an inseparable part of my own history as it is our country’s past. As mayor, I look forward to intertwining our histories further and giving back to the city that has already given me so much.


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Posted on October 15, 2014 .