How to Measure Your Success in 12,000 Steps

One of my team members brought a pedometer on one of our many door-to-door canvassing blitzes. After we were done for the evening, she was amazed to see that she had taken over 12,000 steps. I agreed that seeing the number presented with such absolute authority was definitely surprising. 12,000 steps? It almost didn’t seem possible.


On another level, I think I’ve felt every single one of those steps – especially now.

It’s our last week of campaigning and while we’re down to the crunch and I can’t deny I’m exhausted, I’m even more exhilarated. I remember feeling this four years ago when I ran for council, though perhaps not to this extent. In all the exhaustion and excitement, you tap into a reserve of energy that you didn’t even know you had. I’ve fallen into a rhythm, a flow that brings things to life and illuminates just how much I believe in what I’m standing for and love what I do.

By now, I’ve knocked on well over 12,000 doors and taken far more than 12,000 steps – and I want to get to every last door before this campaign is done. Every one of those steps has opened the door to a deeper knowledge of this city and the people in it. Their diversity and enthusiasm has been a constant source of delight and inspiration.

Each step has taught me even more about what our city wants and needs, and while there’s not always agreement on what these things are, it’s given me the perspective to see how I can help negotiate a way through obstacles to common ground. I have the power, prowess and passion to lead Kingston into the future, and each step has made this point clarion. 

Posted on October 22, 2014 .