Steps to Revitalize Our City

Let's try a little exercise: I want you to visualize Kingston from the air, noting the different areas and how they appear at first glance. Even to someone who isn't from Kingston, it’s obvious that this cityscape is chalk full of beauty, diversity and also, incredible potential. From Rideau Heights to the waterfront to the east end, there’s so much room for development; we just need to commit the time and resources to pursuing these avenues.

TLC for the City

In the case of Rideau Heights, for example, I believe it's in our best interest to partner with private developers to revitalize the neighbourhood. The waterfront - one of the city's big draws - is flushed with unseized opportunities to renew the area by increasing public access, extending waterfront trails and revisiting our options for the Kingston Penitentiary, which - even in the short time since its closing - has proven itself as not only a viable but profitable tourist attraction. (After all, the United Way tours of the facility sold out in under an hour!) Likewise, the east end has grown dramatically and needs the infrastructure to support this growth; infrastructure like a community center.

We have everything to give our city, including the talent, the passion, vision, insight and resources. The only thing that’s left is to act – and act now.


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Posted on September 13, 2014 .