Seize Global Opportunities II

Negotiate a better network of air and rail links to Kingston

I believe our community is perfectly positioned to attract innovators, creators, tourists, residents and businesses from around the world. Together we can put Kingston on the map, nationally and internationally as never before. But in order to realize our potential, we have to make it easier for people to get to and from our city. That’s why I’m committed to championing a better network of air and rail links to Kingston.

When it comes to better air travel, it should be convenient and affordable to fly out of Kingston, so that you don’t have to drive several hours to another airport in a larger city. Like many others in our community, I've had to deal with the frustration of a cancelled flight out of Kingston. I had a meeting to get to that afternoon, and I couldn't get another flight until the next day. But with an expanded airport, we are now positioned to negotiate better, more reliable air service that our community needs and deserves. In fact, over the summer I’ve already met with two different airlines about providing new service to Kingston, and as Mayor I will commit to meet with other potential industry players to negotiate more reliable and affordable air travel options for residents and tourists alike.


When it comes to train travel, I’m committed to continuing to work with VIA Rail on their plans for an expansion of rail service across Southern Ontario and Quebec. With this new model, Kingston would become a hub of rail service in Eastern Ontario, with a far more convenient schedule. Under this new setup, you’d be able to catch an early morning train to Toronto, Montreal or Ottawa and then catch a late evening train back home. With more convenient and reliable train service, a whole array of better commuting options will open up for residents in our community.

With better air and rail links, we can connect Kingston to the world and the world to Kingston, and give our community convenient and affordable alternatives to having to drive Highway 401 to get to and from our city.

Posted on August 10, 2018 .