Entrepreneurship and Innovation: Exciting Developments for Kingston!

The future of Kingston's success depends largely on our ability to recognize and embrace unseized potential within our city - and taking hold of this potential involves nurturing entrepreneurship and innovation opportunities. Last week I attended a couple of events that have definitely inspired me in precisely this area.

First, I attended a press conference that announced that world class and world renowned astrophysicist Gilles Gerbier is coming to Queen's as a result of a $10 million Canadian Excellence Research Chair. This news carries huge potential for International collaboration, which means it isn't just fantastic news for Queen's, but also great news for Kingston as a whole. Now we have another avenue to brand our city as a hub of International innovation.

Gilles Gerbier 

Gilles Gerbier 

Later that day I met with Michael Mann of Launch Lab at Innovation Park. This group is composed of expert entrepreneurs who have banned together to help a new generation of start-up companies in the IT sector - and they're located right here in Kingston! As a city we can partner with organizations like Launch Lab to foster more innovation and entrepreneurship in Kingston. It's all part of my larger plan to seize our economic opportunities.

Every single day I’m surprised and delighted by the brilliant minds and untapped potential harboured in our incredible city – now we need to let it loose and watch our city really thrive across the country and around the world! The presence of both Gilles Gerbier and Launch Lab is helping us move in that direction.  After all, we already know we've got the goods, and now the rest of the world can too!

Posted on October 1, 2014 .