Your Step-By-Step Guide to Remote Voting

Remote voting

2014 year marks the first year Kingston residents will be able to vote remotely via the phone or Internet in their municipal election. This is an exciting development for Kingston voters. The remote options make voting easy, and, as a result, the process is likely to encourage more people to cast their ballots.

 Kevin Arjoon, Deputy City Clerk, expands, saying, "New secure technologies mean we are now able to make voting more convenient than ever and allow electors to choose how, when and where they cast their ballots."

The Perks of Remote Voting

The process is simple, streamlined and makes voting more enticing for those who have had trouble getting to the polls in the past – or those who have been on the fence as to whether to cast their vote at all.

Remote voting also gives eligible voters a considerable amount of time to vote. Remote voting will be available from October 14th commencing at 12:00am through to October 23rd ending at 8:00pm.

How it Works

The elector registration process is the same regardless of whether you decide to vote online or on the phone. Registration for either method is set up on the Internet.

Remote Voting in Five Easy Steps

Step 1: Everyone on the elector's list will receive a Voter Notification Card within the first 2 weeks of October. Your Elector Notification Card will contain your Elector Identification Number (EID) and a website address where you can go to register.

Step 2: Go to the web address provided on the card and use your EID to access the remote elector register program.

Step 3: You will receive confirmation of your registration to the email address you provided. At this point, you will be provided with the number to call for telephone voting. You will also receive a Personal Identification Number (PIN). Use your PIN to sign in.

Step 4: Once you’ve signed in you will be asked to make a declaration stating you are entitled to vote in the election and that you are a Canadian citizen. Now you will have access to vote for all the offices and candidates for whom you are qualified to vote.

Step 5: Cast your vote online or via the phone anytime between October 14th and the 23rd. Remote voting will be closed prior to Voting Day on October 27th.

Who Can Vote

Students are eligible to vote in both their city of study and city of residence. In fact, you can vote in the Kingston municipal election if you meet these criteria.

You are:

:: a Canadian citizen; and

:: at least 18 years old; and

:: a resident in the City of Kingston; or

:: a non-resident of the City of Kingston, but you or your spouse own or rent property in the City; and

:: are not prohibited from voting under any law

It’s never been easier to make your voice heard! Register for remote voting or head to the polls on the 27th to cast your vote.

Posted on September 29, 2014 .