How to Live Well, Within Our Means

Living Within Our Means

This final pillar in my platform is probably the one I hear about most often in my door-to-door visits to Kingston residents - and it's easy to see why. Like all the pillars in my campaign, it affects everyone, but it stands alone in its ability to touch everyone very tangibly because it impacts us where we can easily account for it every single day; namely, in our wallets.  

The vast majority of us are living within incomes that are hardly growing, or incomes that are not growing at all. Unfortunately, it seems nothing is fixed about property taxes, which have historically risen much faster than inflation. This is crippling for Kingston residents of all walks of life, from seniors to young families to students and professionals.

A Realistic Approach for Real, Sustainable Results

I advocate a realistic approach that involves capping taxes at inflation. In an ideal world, of course it would be wonderful to lower them dramatically, (in an ideal world, we probably wouldn’t pay them at all!), but we are dealing with the real world and have to address real issues with realistic solutions. I believe a cap at inflation offers a balanced solution – and even this is still challenging. Challenging, albeit hardly impossible. I know I can make it happen.

Kingston is primed for success and we are poised for make some pivotal changes, but we have to make these strides in a fiscally responsible manner. I am not suggesting a slash and burn approach that would only succeed at the cost of cutting indispensable front-line services; I’m endorsing a plan that can work long-term and benefit everyone. 


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Posted on September 18, 2014 .