Seize Global Opportunities III

Make New Technologies more accessible through expanded broadband and public Wi-Fi.

Technology is changing the way we live our lives – from video calling family around the world, to knowing if our bus is on time, or controlling the temperature of our home from a smartphone – allowing us to be better connected and more efficient in our everyday lives. Access to these technologies, however, depends on the availability of internet access.

That’s why I’m pushing for a major expansion in public Wi-Fi across our city so that everyone can get the information they need, and access the services they depend on quickly and conveniently. By making Kingston a ‘smart city’, residents can pay for parking with their smartphone, follow the progress of city snow plows through their neighbourhood, or offer online input and ideas on new city projects whenever is most convenient for them.


By investing in technology infrastructure, we can also position Kingston as a leading centre for new technology entrepreneurs and businesses. PC Magazine has rated Kingston for having the fastest wireless speeds in North America! With further investments in broadband for our business parks and research hubs we can give local businesses a keen competitive edge in a global economy.

The new Maple Leaf Fibre project, which will link Toronto and Montreal with a new long haul fibre optic cable through Kingston, is another exciting venture that has potential to attract data centres to our city and foster new growth in our local tech sector.

Bryan speaking at Dunin-Deshpande Summer Pitch Competition

Bryan speaking at Dunin-Deshpande Summer Pitch Competition

As we continue to build a 21st century city, I believe we can put Kingston on the map as a leader in technology and innovation and improve quality of life for everyone in our community.

Posted on October 10, 2018 .