Designing Our City For People IV

Adopt New Design Standards to Ensure Vibrant Streetscapes and Quality Buildings

Our community is growing and with this growth comes the revitalization of neighbourhoods, including renovations and new builds. As we experience change and growth in our neighbourhoods we have the opportunity to set standards for the kind of streetscapes and buildings we want to see.

Ensuring that we can welcome needed housing and revitalization while maintaining the beauty and livability of Kingston is one of my top priorities. If re-elected, I am committed to adopting new design standards to ensure vibrant streetscapes and quality buildings.

Design standards can include things like architecture style, building height, ground floor commercial space and inviting public spaces for pedestrians. When it comes to development in the downtown, a lot of discussion has been about the height of buildings, but we need to focus more on the design of those buildings. 

In fact, this philosophy fits perfectly with the City’s Official Plan, which requires an urban design study if you want to build a taller building in the downtown. This puts us in a perfect position to really make design a priority and to emphasize the right design features for beautiful buildings to ensure vibrant streetscapes! 

We are also seeing conversations taking place as part of the North King’s Town Secondary Plan and Central Kingston Growth Strategy. These are all good conversations, so let’s continue to think about the design features and standards we want to see for the future of our city.

I believe this is an incredible time for Kingston and is also a time for great influence. I look forward to hearing your ideas of how we can work together to continue to build a vibrant, livable, beautiful Kingston.

Posted on September 10, 2018 .