'Ask Me Anything' - The Casino Question Put to YOU!

Without question, the prospect of building a casino in Kingston is the most divisive and contentious issue that we’ve addressed in the last four years on council. This move would come with its rewards, but it would also come with its costs.


On one hand, a casino in Kingston would give the city an economic boost by creating jobs and attracting tourism.


On the other hand, introducing a gambling institution presents potential social issues, most notably, problem gambling. Others note that the construction of a casino in Kingston would affect the 1000 Island Casino in Gananoque. The province only allows one casino in the area, so building a casino here could hurt our neighbours, who heavily rely on the casino to sustain their fragile economy.

The question then is whether the potential benefits outweigh these costs. There are strong opinions and valid arguments on both sides of the issue – and I give my opinion in this installment of ‘Ask Me Anything’. However, the decision doesn’t actually come down to just my opinion – or the opinion of anyone else on council.

It’s Your Call!

Council has voted to put the question to a referendum. This means you will be able to vote in favour of or against the casino when you cast your ballot this month.

Thanks to Corinna for taking the time to write in and pose this question! Check out my video to hear my thoughts on a casino in Kingston.

Posted on October 8, 2014 .